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Habanero and Mango Hot Sauce


Our Habanero & Mango hot sauce is the original in our lineup. Just a hint of sweetness calms the heat from this full-flavoured, versatile creation.


Mini Gift Sack


The Hot Sauce Co. Mini Gift Sack is the perfect size for that Secret Santa gift or a stocking stuffer.


  1. Peppers & Pickles Mini
  2. Habanero & Mango Mini
  3. Habanero & Herbs Mini
  4. Worcestershire & Rosemary Spiked Salt
  5. Black Garlic & Truffle Spiced Salt
  6. 3-pk Stickers
  7. Cotton sack with drawstrings

Spicy Holiday Gift Pack


The Hot Sauce Co. 4-Pack Gift Bag includes everything a hot sauce lover could want.


  1. Peppers & Pickles
  2. Habanero & Mango
  3. Habanero & Herbs
  4. Louisiana
  5. Worcestershire & Rosemary Spiked Salt
  6. Black Garlic & Truffle Spiced Salt
  7. 3-pk Stickers
  8. Branded Canvas Tote Bag